cop_0382aI will help to:

Boost your spleen to help your immunity

Release the frustrations held in your liver

Let go of past trauma and sadness

Nurture and restore a sense of Wellbeing


I have recently been on a course about  Reflexology for Pregnancy and Childbirth and am confident to help with these situations, and I  enjoy helping ladies to feel comfortable during post natal care,  menopause and infertility issues.

I hope a treatment of reflexology feels nurturing and penetrating like a big deep felt hug, helping you to relax and feel stronger.

If a part of your body is painful and tight we describe it as blocked, meaning that blood finds it difficult to penetrate the area and this means we feel pain.

It isn’t good for our bodies to hold on to past grief and fear. It is good to acknowledge these feelings and release them out of your body; letting them go will leave you feeling lighter, without these burdens literally weighing you down.

I think of your body in a Chinese 5 element way, having lots of channels and pathways for messages and nutrients to travel between organs and up and down your body.  These can get blocked, like lots of sticks damming a stream, slowing down the water; if you take away the sticks the stream will flow faster with renewed energy.  My fingers can access reflex points on your feet and hands and help disperse these blockages and allow blood and nutrients to flow better, helping your body to heal itself.   You will feel so much better.



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