May 8th

Update of the ducks …….  this is nt Jakey and Mildred, could be Mildred but i don’t think so because she is afraid of me.  Jakey has a limp, and he is a big guy!     These two seem happen the garden, on the pond , on the lawn and nibbling under the wild bird feeders.







This is Jakey:   poor chap has limp and waddles!   seems a bit anxious though,  flies in, looks about and does nt stay long.   seems to have linked up with a couple more drakes so they quite often come as a three  to the pond for a bit.




This was an unwelcome guest! On the deck at 6.30 a m  luckily I had not filled the lid bird feeders by then, I came downstairs for coffee to find him right there!   This image was through the kitchen window.






for this second one I went outside to take it