Environmental feelings

Come home from an art workshop    it was great   Debbie Lyddon   Sculptural forms and  making 3D from a flat piece of fabric.  Challenging for me as a photographer who sees the world as a flat A4  print a lot of the time.  very environmental culture for a few days, beach,  sea, salt, seaweed and shells, natural  linen and cotton fabric.

Conversation over lunch.   google this Youtube video   Guardian Sam and the Patch  next door. About Hinkley Power plant interesting discussions. one of us on the course, her son was involved in producing this documentary.

Art can say a lot   how about creating awareness through an art Project?

Actually this image springs to mind, taken in Cornwall a few weeks ago.  It has been made with debris collected on the local beach and mounted on the side of somebody s house in the Main Street.






I enjoy walking up on Martinsell Hill

Recently saw a female wheatear darting about and feeding which I enjoyed watching.

I have huge enjoyment from by garden. All a bit damp but roses still flowering and these perfect Schizostylis coccinea flowering away in all this rain.


This morning a rather unwelcome guest!  Luckily I didn’t see her catch any little birds and she didn’t stay long.  I did get a fleeting shot of her through the kitchen window.


I listened to an interesting interview about roses and the vibrations they hold and pure love codes they want to share. A lovely lady, Sandy Humby who lives in the New Forest and works with roses to heal and clear spaces. I am not managing to get the link here but  try typing youtube#InspiredTarotMap*13 with Sandy Humby of Rose Alchemy.

Sandy s very recent youtube video about the full moon energies last night was interesting too. She suggests emotions which we could be feeling with the moon shining light on our shadow side and goes on to explain messages from roses to help. I find her fascinating!


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