Animal Essences

Animal Essences are amazing!

I went to a weekend course with Daniel Mapel from the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia.

He has a way of spiritually communicating with an animal, visualising its presence and its wildness and how it behaves in the world, then getting the essence of that animal into a bowl of water. Hence making a stock bottle of water we can buy.

They are powerful, I have tried a lot of them and have many to share with you.  I recommend them, I have had interesting and positive results from taking them.

I have stock bottles of many and can make a dosage bottle up for you.

For example:


Hummingbirds are energetic, clever  little birds often with brightly coloured plumage,it is a joy to watch them flying about finding nectar from flowers.

Their message is JOY.

Hummingbird brings lightness and joy to your life. The essence helps to gently purify and cleanse recent emotional residue and offers uplifting support during emotional challenges.  For staying light during change.






Giraffe s have long necks, they are tall, they seem to walk gracefully about browsing on succulent shoots that other grazers cannot reach.

Their message is OVERVIEW.

Feel grounded and stand tall.  See the bigger picture of your life.

For clarity, vision, spiritual overview.  It helps you to let go of petty concerns.






Bear Cub


Nurtures awareness of one s feelings and those of others.

Brings awareness of how one s actions affect others. Nurtures self awareness of knowing who we are, what we need and what others need.  Helps a happy healthy lifestyle.





Dolphin Calf

Nurtures the experience of deep child-parent bonding, connection, intimacy and communication. Like giving yourself lots of big hugs!

Helps adults whose mothers who never deeply bonded with them. Or, in their inner work, need to connect and bond more with their own inner child.

Helps children who have grown up too fast, become serious and lost their ability to play freely.  Or who have difficulty connecting and bonding with their caregivers.





Bats fly around in the dark, living in communities with purpose.


Bat essence is profoundly helpful for helping you see the way through your personal darkness.  It enables you to face and heal unresolved issues and honour your shadow side.







Cheetah s can accelerate from resting to huge speed, focus on a prey animal and chase with amazing speed and agility.

The message from Cheetah is SPEED and EFFICIENCY.

Cheetah helps you to accomplish tasks swiftly and effectively. It helps you to make decisions and jump-starts you if you feel stuck.  Efficient use of time and resources.





Healthy Anger

This is a combination of Badger and Gazelle essence, together they make an essence which Daniel has named Healthy Anger.

The Badger helps us to feel and express anger in an appropriate way and the Gazelle helps us to feel safe with being angry, we give ourselves permission to feel angry. Very often grief is swamped and pushed down in our bodies, very often it is being held down by anger which we don’t realise. Once we can feel angry about a past situation and safely scream and yell to ourselves about it, then we release grief that was underneath and find ourselves crying and feeling very sad,  hopefully we can then let go.






A combination of Turtle, Armadillo and Skunk.

This Protection essence provides powerful support for dealing with intense emotional situations, environments and people. It helps you develop healthy armouring and strengthens your self protective instincts in difficult situations.

You can think of it as an imaginary protecting bubble around you keeping you safe and protected.






Mountain Lion

The message of a mountain lion is PURPOSEFUL ACTION.

Mountain Lion supports you in manifesting the path of your dreams and visions. It encourages staying true to yourself and walking  your talk, despite upheavals and distractions.