Come to my Open Studio

Open this weekend. All Welcome. Come and seee what I do…..

Come to my house where I am exhibiting. No 29 in the brochure.
This is @metres by 1 metre printed on a sort of dibond, it has been outside in the garden for 3 years and still the same colours. Really cheerful all year round colour , I took the photograph on a holiday in Knoydart Scotland.
Come and see my garden at the same time
These are printed on Japanese kozo paper. It is very thin and see through, works well with the light shining through.

Wandering Salisbury Plain

I enjoy the space and peace and quiet out here. A few cattle and grass. Looking closer hundreds of cowslips and many wildflowers.

In amongst the grass hundreds of Green Winged Orchids
They have green veins in their wings, this gives them their name. Otherwise quite like an Early Purple Orchid.
This is also a Green Winged, just a pale one.
Fun to see
A little bee rummaging around

Lovely way to spend a day. A bit cold and windy for the end of May. I had my coat and a woolly hat! Very exciting to see these little plants. I had never seen one before. Actually hundreds of them happily flowering away.

Visit to Keyhaven

The sun came out, It was fun to be by the sea.
Feeding Turnstones
I enjoyed watching this Little Tern looking for food
A little Tern looking for food
Cute little young Avocet feeding
Another cute little Avocet


The Story of my Christmas Card this year:

I have a little friend in my garden who means a lot to me.

I also discovered Phoenix Studios and Liam Biswell who showed me several printing techniques. I particularly like etching.

This is Robbie
This is a print of a photograph I took in the summer. I took this and a few others to an etching weekend workshop and was shown how to make some lovely prints.
A piece of frosted polypropolyne plastic sheet, I put this on the print with masking tape and traced with an etching tool to make the lines. Then I was shown how to rub ink into the marks. The white spots are chalk dust which you sprinkle on to the plate just before you put in under the press to give extra texture.
I printed this plate several times before I got a result I was happy with, sometimes too dark too light too orange too much green, etc etc.

Then when I got home I photographed the piece of paper and printed lots of cards to send to my friends.

Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate

I really enjoyed this exhibition

At Tate Modern, called In Real Life.

There was a tunnel of triangles and mirrors with a  ball at one end suspended from the ceiling.














These coloured lights were at one side of the room shining on the opposite wall and when people walked between lights and wall they made coloured shadows.  The idea was simple but very effective and fun. 







There was a big board with. lots of images and diagrams all over it showing ideas and wonderful shapes for example this dancer was the inspiration behind a lot of interconnecting shapes.








and these are the  bits inside the making of the Little Sun, which is a little solar powered light which brings light to many in Ethiopia who dont have electricity




I watched several YouTube videos over the weekend where Olafur speaks about his art and his passion for community spaces. I love his discussions about spaces and light and mirrors, and how people react to the spaces he creates.

“Your Engagement Has Consequences” (from Berlinale Talents)is fascinating. Olafur is so eloquent and I love the way he talks about his projects with slides of the finished pieces and also the ideas along the way to create the end design.

another great one is “Designing for Versailles”   (from Brilliant Ideas)   I enjoyed watching and recommend.