The Story of my Christmas Card this year:

I have a little friend in my garden who means a lot to me.

I also discovered Phoenix Studios and Liam Biswell who showed me several printing techniques. I particularly like etching.

This is Robbie
This is a print of a photograph I took in the summer. I took this and a few others to an etching weekend workshop and was shown how to make some lovely prints.
A piece of frosted polypropolyne plastic sheet, I put this on the print with masking tape and traced with an etching tool to make the lines. Then I was shown how to rub ink into the marks. The white spots are chalk dust which you sprinkle on to the plate just before you put in under the press to give extra texture.
I printed this plate several times before I got a result I was happy with, sometimes too dark too light too orange too much green, etc etc.

Then when I got home I photographed the piece of paper and printed lots of cards to send to my friends.

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