Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate

I really enjoyed this exhibition

At Tate Modern, called In Real Life.

There was a tunnel of triangles and mirrors with a  ball at one end suspended from the ceiling.














These coloured lights were at one side of the room shining on the opposite wall and when people walked between lights and wall they made coloured shadows.  The idea was simple but very effective and fun. 







There was a big board with. lots of images and diagrams all over it showing ideas and wonderful shapes for example this dancer was the inspiration behind a lot of interconnecting shapes.








and these are the  bits inside the making of the Little Sun, which is a little solar powered light which brings light to many in Ethiopia who dont have electricity




I watched several YouTube videos over the weekend where Olafur speaks about his art and his passion for community spaces. I love his discussions about spaces and light and mirrors, and how people react to the spaces he creates.

“Your Engagement Has Consequences” (from Berlinale Talents)is fascinating. Olafur is so eloquent and I love the way he talks about his projects with slides of the finished pieces and also the ideas along the way to create the end design.

another great one is “Designing for Versailles”   (from Brilliant Ideas)   I enjoyed watching and recommend.





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