My Garden in May


A Broad Bodied Chaser flying around the pond, I think she was a female because she stopped and settled sometimes, as though she was thinking about laying eggs.  The males wiz about faster and don’t stop as much, they are looking for females.


Mildred seems to be alone these days,  maybe she is just too old to produce eggs.  She chases off the males and enjoys the pond to herself.  Also hangs around under the feeder hoping for a few sunflower hearts on the grass.


Jakey makes fleeting visits, never stays long. Seems at home in the rain, he is very handsome and not afraid of me!


This little moorhen is incredibly shy, this is taken through the kitchen window.

I do see him or her every few days but watch from a distance.20190411_0053

A male bullfinch on the lawn eating the dandelion seeds.  There is a pair around, I see them and hear them often.

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