My garden in June


Little Robbie!  I love him or her! Comes often, I have sunflower hearts in my pocket at all times!

Very Special.



Lovely place to enjoy a glass of wine

IMG_0669 2

and sometimes, a barn owl flies past me, so exciting, quietly zig zagging across the grass looking for voles.

IMG_0670 2

slightly zoomed in.   Only with my phone but at least I captured the moment!


Then a bit later, little Hedgie comes for his supper!  This is a regular visitor, I put out a few dry hedgehog pellets, which he munches noisily and slowly.



I found this mushroom growing in the lawn. there are many little ones of different sorts and sizes, but this one looked edible and was about 10 centimetres across. It smelt nice, was pink underneath and peeled so I ate it for supper and it tasted delicious.

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