May 2nd Ham Wall



I went to the RSPB reserve in Somerset, Ham Wall.    Wonderful place, acres of marsh reeds and lakes,  scrubby woodland beautiful trees….. the whole lot … making it a beautiful place for birds.

I went with 5 knowledgeable friends, one of them being a local who knew the place well.

A male garganey duck had been seen a few days earlier and we were lucky enough to spot him and watch him for a while.











A great white egret, full breeding plumage with a yellow bill, (black in winter).









A few grayling geese peacefully grazing and preening themselves.








It was bright and sunny and soon the dragonflies were drifting high and we were lucky enough to witness literally a sky full of hobbies.   They were flying high and feeding on the wing. Wonderful to watch.

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