About Me – LIBBY BRENNAN Bsc Hons 

Hi, I am a Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Photographer.
I try to keep positive and happy.
Sometimes my body and my brain make this hard but I  ask myself why and try to diffuse the sadness. Dancing helps and chi kung, going out in my garden and up on Martinsell Hill.




When your body goes through stress, injury or illness its natural equilibrium becomes unbalanced and there are blockages in the flow of energy inside you.

Through reflexology I aim to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities and its return to balance, thus creating a feeling of wellbeing and vitality.

Contact me if you would like a treatment.


I have a passion to try and capture moments of calm, stillness and tranquility and print them on paper.

The view and the emotions I feel when I see it, so that I can continue to enjoy that moment and offer a good feeling to a viewer.




Italy_0153   HI_0845atsm

Claremont sm441Pal_0048sm

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